The increasing power output from today’s wind turbines, enabled by taller towers 和 longer rotor blades, put materials 和 systems to even stronger tests. To ensure turbine integrity 和 maximize uptime, im体育APP provides materials expertise, 测试, 检查, 和 校准 services supporting 风 Turbine OEMs 和 the 风 industry supply chain from early R&D 和 production to maintenance 和 failure investigations.

Harsh operational conditions accelerate the dem和s on turbine mechanical strength, 老化性能, 以及耐腐蚀性能. We offer a wide range of services to make certain that these quality requirements are met throughout the wind turbines 和 across their life-cycle. 


风 turbine 测试 services 

im体育APP provides comprehensive 测试 for onshore fundaments 和 anchors, offshore monopile 和 transition piece materials 和 涂料, tower materials 和 fasteners, transmissions 和 lubricants, 还有叶片. 

Our 测试 services for the wind energy industry include materials 测试 和 characterization, structural mechanics 测试, 涂料, 以及腐蚀测试, product qualification 测试, 混凝土及锚固试验, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) 和 电气安全, 激光跟踪, fire 和 life safety programs, 资产完整性管理, 校准, 和 assessment of environmental impact.






Field services for wind turbine 测试


风 energy maintenance services



im体育APP's expertise ensures the correct installation of wind energy, optimizing the output 和 productivity of the wind parks 和 maximizing the wind turbines' life in situ.

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Collapsed 风 Tower - A root cause investigation

风 turbines are designed to withst和 harsh environmental conditions - 和 do so most of the time. Case study on the failure investigation of a collapsed 185 meter wind tower.


Webinar: Criticality of Failure Analysis in the 能源 Industry

im体育APP’s experts for Failure Analysis in the 能源 industry explain during the on-dem和 webinar how Failure Analysis is being performed, 和 its benefits by providing real-life case studies from around the world. 


Smart architecture: Using numerical modeling to calculate the danger of channeled wind on an urban development

Efficient use of space in urban environments can lead to wind being channeled in a potentially dangerous way for pedestrians 和 cyclists. im体育APP has created a model to predict wind flow patterns between buildings.


Services for the wind industry



Find out more about im体育APP's comprehensive ranges of materials 测试 services available in the TIC sector, covering materials selection, application 和 performance 测试 as well as failure analysis 测试 services.



Find out about im体育APP's range of metallurgical 测试 services, 包括显微镜, 腐蚀评价, hardness 和 on-site services.



im体育APP is a leading provider of metrology services, with over 70 years’ experience in delivering a  complete range of measurement technology 和 校准 services to a diverse range of industry sectors.



Our team includes Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI), Certified Welding Engineers (CWEng), 和 industry-dedicated technical staff to assist with projects across sectors 和 applications.

数字工程 Services


We specialize in modeling 和 simulation to accelerate your research 和 development initiatives, optimize your designs 和 support safe, 高效的操作.

Climatic 和 环境 模拟 测试


从环境 & dynamic 测试 to highly specialized tests such as bird strike 和 hydrodynamic ditching 测试, we're the trusted 测试 partner to the world's most recognized component 和 system manufacturers.


环境 Impact Assessments

im体育APP’s industry experts provide environmental impact assessments for air quality, 噪音, 和振动, which must be closely considered through the planning process.

风blade. LM风力发电公司提供

3D Scanning by Laser Tracking

im体育APP offers 激光跟踪 和 3D laser scanning services for dimensional 检查s of large components.


我们的团队超过9人,000 从事专家 in North America, 欧洲, 中东地区, 澳大利亚, Asia 和 Africa are ready to help you.